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2012-06-15 11:46
About Swesurf.se


Leading companies and industries in Sweden unite into one professional network
for CADspecialists
– Swedish Surface Designers Network.

Year 2011 marks a new milestone for the Swedish CAD sector and brings out a unique new professional
network for one of the most critical aspects in modern product development technology. Swedish Surface
Designers Network, or more abbreviate, SWESURF, was created as a platform to unite top-level CAD
specialists within digital visualization such as surface engineers, industrial designers and concept modelers
from internationally renowned Swedish companies into one peculiar “bank of professionals” that follows an
ambition to grow into a branch organization. The focus is highly specialized CAD-applications such as Icem
Surf, Alias and Catia.
This initiative comes from the Jönköping-based department of Semcon – international giant within
engineering services, – as well as Visualization Park in Eksjö, a specialized business incubator targeted on
supporting young visualization artists in Sweden. The SWESURF idea was warmly welcomed by many
design/product development departments at leading companies within of Swedish industry. Currently the
board of the network features professionals from Volvo, SAAB, Scania, Electrolux, Toyota, Sony Ericsson,
Epsilon, Cadcraft and Swerea IVF among others. Supported also within the educational sphere, initially by
Jönköping University (JTH), SWESURF has a potential to become an influential forum for professional
discussions, experience exchange and competence development, and a meeting place for network members,
businesses in search of qualified help, as well as young specialists in visualization looking for work or
advanced training.
Despite its narrow specialization, SWESURF offers an increasing flexibility and accessibility for all interested
parties. Besides of unique professional community, it offers many attractive opportunities for its guests and
members, such as:
– discussion board that can be adapted for multiple tasks and different development vectors;
– press room for media, where journalists can get access to press releases, news sources and registered
members’ contact information;
– related events calendar with possibility for members to add or edit events;
– possibility for students and young professionals to look for practical training, freelance jobs or fulltime
– connecting companies with professionals for consulting, help or hire;
– possibility for professional growth and competence development within surface engineering,
industrial design and concept modeling, and many more.

SWESURF is a new step in industrial design, a field that has always been Sweden’s strong side, and now, with
allied forces of the leading specialists in this sector, it has the potential to become an important resource for
its members and their companies.

Initial target groups: professional surface designers, the companies that employ surface engineers, companies
that work with product development and are in need of help from surface designers



“Surface design” is definitely a rather new combination of words. And a trendy one. But what does an
average person know about surface engineering, industrial design or concept modeling? Majority of people
who are not practically familiar with digital visualization would probably place these professions somewhere
between alchemy and rocket science. But as the technological progress is marching forth, it’s time to raise our
awareness of what they are – since, literally speaking, these people give shape to our nearest future. For more
information, as well as direct contact with leading professionals in this field, visit www.swesurf.se.


Missing link
Surface designers represents a vital element in product development phase, filling up a gap between sketchmode
and construction with detailed digital models as surface CAD. It is a cheaper and more reliable way to
create a pre-production example of an object according to how the original designer has planned it to be,
considering the material specifications. Surface CAD-operators wield practical knowledge of complex design,
geometry and shape, building up realistic digital models ready for conveyor production.


Practical visionaries
Specialists in surface design, with their applied knowledge of materials and tool design, as well as practical
sense of form, can on a very early stage predict the final cost of production or even influence it by
optimizing/simplifying/correcting the model shape to make it more ergonomic at a smaller price. That makes
surface designers necessary and strategically important specialists for any company of big production scale.